10 Things You’ll Want To Remember About Being Pregnant

10 Things You’ll Want To Remember About Being Pregnant

10 Things You’ll Want To Remember About Being Pregnant

Its easy to focus on the bad bits of being pregnant – the sore back, the constant heartburn, the loss of 8 hours non-stop sleep because you have to get up to pee several times every night!  arrrgghh.  But actually, now that time has passed, I have some really beautiful memories of my two pregnancies.  The first pregnancy is always going to be the one you remember most as everything that happened was 100% new to you.

So, if you’re pregnant right now and feeling crap, I hope this list cheers you up and reminds you its not all as bad as it feels!

1. Positive!

That moment when you see the positive on the pregnancy test…priceless. A mixture of shock, happiness, excitement and fear!clear-blue-digital-positive-pregnancy-test

2. Secret Whispers

The feeling that only you and your partner know there’s a little being growing inside your belly.  Loved this post recently by Megan Gale remembering this moment too (http://instagram.com/p/q0cx9jGNkP/?modal=trueMegan Gale Instagram

3. The Shout Out

I’m not even sure how much I used social media back in my first pregnancy but these days its so much fun (and easier) to tell everyone you love about your big news…announcing-pregnancy lifed

4. New Body.. New Wardrobe – Lets Shop!

Going shopping for new clothes to suit my new body!  Surely this is the absolute best for Rockmama’s like me! For me, personally, this was a real eye-opener – I couldn’t find comfortable and cool maternity tops and clothes that I really felt matched my style.  I bought a few dud items that normally I wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house in.  And so, Rockmama was born. I was so determine to find maternity clothes that suited me, I just went ahead and designed them myself.  Voila!  The rest, they say, is history!

5. The Great Divide

Do you or don’t you? Finding out the gender of your baby is always a hot topic for newly pregnant parents. Even if you choose not to know, just knowing that someone else (whoever did your test for you) does is almost just as much fun!

baby gender catch my party

6. Oh So Cute – Shopping for Baby

Going Shopping for Nursery Furniture and Baby Clothes… “oooohhh that’s so cute!”.  Never have I said that phrase as many times as I did when I first started shopping for my baby. And for those ‘closet’ interior designers out there – this just opens a whole new space for decorating and styling in the home – yay!

7. Can I Have More?

Eating for two…need we say more.

8. Mini Me Moment

In preparation for the big day of bringing your little one home, you’ll go through the most domestic of activities – unwrapping, washing and hanging out on the line all of your new baby clothes.  Then of course you need to fold, sort and neatly place them all into their new little drawers and cupboards (possibly the one and only time they’ll be that neat – you’ll never have the time or care to fold a onesie once the baby is around!)

For me, hanging them on the line was one of those special moments I’ll never forget.  I’ve never seen such tiny little clothes hanging next to mine before and it really brought everything home to me.

Maternity Clothes Postivive Pregnancy Test

9. Out of Office Setup

There’s something quite special about setting up your Out of Office email responder knowing its not just another 2 week holiday you’re going on. This is it. Maternity Leave is about to begin!

10. Ok, I’ve Had Enough Now.

As hard as those last weeks are, you still can look forward to that feeling of getting the baby out!!!!

What were your favourite moments during pregnancy? Did they outweigh the parts you’d rather not forget!?!?

Photo credits: Baby Centre UK, Catch My Party, Google Images, Lifed and Instagram.

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