4 clothes you don’t want to wear as new mum

4 clothes you don’t want to wear as new mum

4 clothes you don’t want to wear as new mum

Dressing yourself during the first years of motherhood is no easy task, especially when bubs is very young and demanding. You even may be half showered and have to run off to a screaming newborn who unfortunately wakes up mid-nap  (when you had planned to have actually finished washing your hair and put a decent outfit on!).

But don’t despair, as they get a little older…. time becomes slightly more manageable and you can muster up some type of style.

What I learned early on in motherhood however (that no-one ever told me) was that I couldn’t really dress the same way I dressed before I had my kids! I was forever bending over to wipe someones nose, or take the pram out of the car, or pick up my baby, then run after my toddler – so comfort was mandatory!

  1. High Heels – there were no high heels – chasing after a kid and pushing a pram that often has groceries hanging off it (meaning it was rather heavy) meant the comfort factor had to far outweigh the need for heels!
  2. Short Dresses – well it is self-explanatory I guess but it did take me a while to stop wearing them.  You just don’t realise when you have a kid that you are going to be bending over so much!  And doing that in public is a no-go – it would have been rather interesting to passersby as I set up my pram on the side of the road (I learned this the hard way!). My first baby was born in Spring so my summer wardrobe had a few staple dresses that really had to be put aside for a season or two!
  3. Low-Cut Tops – Once again, it took me a while to realise that I just couldn’t wear this style of top day to day with a baby – not only did it all ‘hang out’ when I bent over, but just holding my baby on my hip meant my shirt got ‘pulled’ in the wrong direction – I really didn’t want the attention from people looking at my bra, let alone my boobs!
  4. Low-Cut Jeans – enough said.  This ad from a few years back sums it up really.

It was an interesting discovery, and I wondered what I would do with all of my pre-motherhood clothing…I later discovered that I was able and happy to wear my former style when the kids weren’t around, and my new mama wardrobe could be just as stylish in a new found way.

Celebrity motherhood style guide – what you need to know about dressing with kids in tow!

When I look around, I realise that I am not alone. Even the A-list celebrity mama’s wear their comfort clothing when their children are around, as no matter if you are famous or not, kids will be kids, and prams will be prams!

Here’s a peek at how the celebrities dress when they have their kids in tow. The celebrity Rockmama knows how to rock a basic pair of jeans, a cool tee, and basic flats or ankle boots, and still look super stylish.


Elle McPherson with her kids Maternity Post Pregnancy Celebrity

Gwen Stefani with her kids Maternity Post PregnancyCelebrity

Gweneth Paltrow with her kids Maternity Post PregnancyCelebrity

Heidi Klum Takes the Kids to the Mall

Jennifer Garner with her kids Maternity Post PregnancyCelebrity

Promis in Beverly Hills

*EXCLUSIVE* Kourtney Kardashian takes Penelope and Mason to the farm - Part 2

Nicole Richie out with her kids Maternity Post Pregnancy Celebrity

Nicole Richie with her kids Maternity Post Pregnancy Celebrity

Sarah Jessica Parker  with her kids Maternity Post Pregnancy Celebrity

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Kids To School

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