Why You Should Treat Yourself to a ‘Babymoon’ Holiday in the Sun When Pregnant.

Why You Should Treat Yourself to a ‘Babymoon’ Holiday in the Sun When Pregnant.

Why You Should Treat Yourself to a ‘Babymoon’ Holiday in the Sun When Pregnant.

The babymoon! Thank you to whoever came up with this excuse for a holiday. Not that we needed one!!

If I have one piece of solid advice, it is to book yourself and your baby daddy a relaxing, sun filled get away before the birth of your bub, also known as a babymoon.

My rules of a baby moon is that it is filled with spa treatments, sitting by the pool all day in absolutely comfortable maxi dresses and flat sandals, eating fabulous food….and simply relaxing together.

After all it is your very last holiday without kids in tow (for a while anyway). So simple relaxation, and connecting with your partner is KEY. Spend that quality time together before 2 becomes 3 and you are completely absorbed in the baby and less about each other.

I have such fond memories of our babymoon to a beautiful Queensland resort, lazing by the pool and looking ‘over the bump’ barely seeing my toes at the other end of the sun-lounge. And ordering mocktails and pool snacks while reading pregnancy magazines and being insanely excited about the arrival of this little person into our lives.

So if you are currently pregnant and haven’t already organised yourself a little babymoon getaway, here are my top recommendations.

Note, you don’t want to travel too far,  (I would keep the flight to 3-4 hours maximum) otherwise it could get a little uncomfortable for you, and it is best to travel between 18-24 weeks of pregnancy – the second trimester when the nausea is hopefully gone and you can still move around quite freely.

The Beach Club (Peppers Resort and Spa) at Palm Cove in Cairns

Babymoon destination Peppers Palm Cove

Palazzo Versace, The Gold Coast

Babymoon destination palazzo-versace1

Byron and Byron in Byron Bay NSW

Babymoon Destination Byron at Byron


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