Pregnancy Tips – The Top 4 Recommended Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips – The Top 4 Recommended Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips – The Top 4 Recommended Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy


These days, we have so much information at our fingertips when it comes to pregnancy, and no question will be left unanswered! With the help of various websites and many new Apps we probably even have answers to the questions we don’t want or need!!

Here I am outlining 4 of the best or most interesting Pregnancy apps we are using:


BABY BUMP PREGNANCY – was an exciting and informative app I used during my second pregnancy. It counts down the weeks and send alerts to your phone weekly with information on how the baby should be growing week to week.

You can also join pregnancy forums to share stories with other expecting parents, at the same stage in your pregnancy.

The app also counts down to your due date, which trimester and week you are in, as well as a journal for entries, weight tracking, cravings and appetite changes and even a spot for photos!



When you get pregnant for the 1st time, you are faced with endless questions, doubts and concerns about what you can and can’t eat! Before these Apps women were calling each other mid meal, saying things like, “I just ate a salad that had goats cheese in it!! Is that considered a soft cheese?! Do you think I’ve harmed the baby!?” Panic station kicks in! Well this app is a lifesaver for these senarios, simply click and search for pregnancy food no-no’s listing right at your fingers tips. Easy and gives you complete peace of mind!



These days its unlikely we leave anything to chance, and when you are in your last days of pregnancy anxiety kicks in and you don’t know what to expect. This app will help you keep track of the contractions when they start, with an inbuilt timer and gives you information on what to expect gaging the frequency of contractions. This all sounds amazing and super organised. I actually downloaded it and had it ready for my labour to commence – however I must admit once the real labour pains started, I did not want to be anywhere near my phone, nor searching for an app to record my contractions! Good in theory but in practice I’m not so sure!



A great little video and information fitness app suitable for new mothers to get their body back post pregnancy! Great idea and recommended by gynaecologists. I like this one, as the exercises also incorporate the baby! Too cute.

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