Maternity Fashion through the past 50 years

Maternity Fashion through the past 50 years

I am feeling very satisfied with how much pregnancy fashion has improved  in recent years. We are lucky enough now to have some incredibly stylish, fashion forward & importantly sexy options out there to make us feel like ourselves!

I thought I’d take a look at what our mama’s and grandmama’s had to endure wearing while they had their little buns in the oven!

During these times women were wearing baggy & lose fitting clothing to hide the shape of their baby bump and hide the fact they were pregnant at all. Looking sexy was not a factor (as you will see in these pics)! I’m pretty happy the tent dresses were not around while I was pregnant…oh and rather thrilled the overalls have gone too!

Take a look through some of these images to see how (thankfully) maternity fashion has changed and been accepted by society.


60's pregnancy fashion


70's pregnancy fashion        1970s-Pregnancy-fashion-photolist-rm


Fergie 80's pregnancy fashion    Princess-Di-Frock-Maternity fashion

90’s / 2000

2000 Pregnancy fashion90's pregnancy fashion


Terry Biviano pregnancy fashion

Kate Middleton pregnancy fashion

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