Getting Pregnant – Do Ovulation Kits Really Work?

Getting Pregnant – Do Ovulation Kits Really Work?

Trying to fall pregnant can be so simple for some yet so difficult for others… When I was trying to fall pregnant with both my girls I found it hard to pin-point the exact moment I was ovulating as I had a longer than normal cycle – therefore going by the text book ideals didn’t really work for me.

After talking to a friend she suggested I use an ovulation kit. I had no idea what an ovulation kit was, and had never even heard of it! She told me to go and pick one up from the chemist and give it a go.

So off I went. Located right next to the pregnancy tests there were similar looking boxes called  “7 day ovulation kits or pregnancy planning kits” (as seen below).

There were a few various brands ranging from $20-$65 dollars. My advice is to get the cheapest one, as if you need to do the tests 3-4 times it can get quite pricey!!

To use them was quite simple – like using a pregnancy test you urinate on a stick for 7 days (first wee of the day) on the week when you are likely to be ovulating. Once the highest moment of ovulation hits, 2 lines will show up on the stick and you know it is GO TIME!! You have 24-36 hours to try and conceive a baby at the best possible time in your cycle.

After trying to conceive for a couple of months, I was very surprised and delighted to find out (with both pregnancies) that this method worked for me on the 1st go! I have my friend to thank for the advice. It is a cheap and simple method and definitely worth a shot if you are finding it near impossible pin-pointing when you are ovulating!


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